Supplier Portal

Agent platform enabling custom configurations for managing local moves.


Agent study

Agents (suppliers) were initially surveyed to gain a deeper understanding of current pain points and "blindspots" associated with instant pricing leads. We knew variability across customer inventory was a main contributor to pricing and labor model inaccuracies. We sought to learn more about the "special items" category in this study in order to better inform the customer and supplier intake requirements.



First-use experience wireframes aimed to guide users through setting up a series of configurable modules for a desktop-first user base.

Service management

Pricing/Labor configurations

Initial discovery confirmed that agent workflows begin with an at-a-glance calendar view of their scheduled reservations with the ability to drill down into a service-level view. Important details about each reservation are surfaced as key value pairs, drive time is called out on a plotted map, and future enhancements might include a toggle to Streetview for assessing access points, parking, etc.

Starting with a simple hourly pricing model, agents needed a way to manage their hourly rates by day-of-week based on each crew configuration. This module also supports labor allocation settings based on the agent’s preference per residence type/size.


Third-party features

Stripe and MoversSuite integrations enabled payment processing and bilateral syncing with adjacent, internal systems. Stripe set-up workflows started agents out in the Portal, porting agency details over as a way to expedite activation.

As part of our readiness process, I partnered with Engineering and Ops to write necessary support content for self-help/troubleshooting.