Rebrand + Visual Design

How I contributed to the branding of Synchrony Financial — formerly GE Capital.


About the project

In 2014, GE's financial line of business rebranded as Synchrony Financial in preparation for an IPO. As part of the in-house creative team, I had the opportunity to work on supporting elements of the branding initiative lead by Interbrand. I contributed by creating an icon system, typography explorations, credit card designs, and promotional materials.


  • established pre-calculated moves as recommendations in the order flow which gave us an advantage over the competition
  • findings around factors (other than inventory) that contribute most to completion time
  • initiated and implemented operational process changes involving workforce training and protocol

Successful proof of concept:

  • This method proved to cut down on the expense of single-use, wasteful cardboard and is generally easier since no assembly or disassembly of boxes is required
  • Customers enjoyed the ease of use, environmentally-friendly aspect, and low-cost alternative to buying boxes
  • Bellhops (movers) were bought-in because bins stacked neatly eliminating the need to play “Tetris” with irregular boxes
  • Offered a novelty aspect to the experience = potential mnemonic value-add to the brand
  • Pursued partnership opportunities with IKEA who proposed a co-branded promotion and purchase discount—since our offering aligned with their sustainability initiative

Challenges to overcome:

  • Required truck drivers to store plastic containers on their trucks permanently occupying space between moves
  • Needed to explore solutions for reusing/returning the liner component (IKEA bags) since most customers didn’t see a use for keeping 20+ bags long-term
  • Determine the value of manufacturing Bellhops-branded bags vs. continuing to use IKEA-branded bags going forward

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